Steps to start the E-pharmacy portal

  1. Deciding the business structure.
  2. Decide a unique name for the portal.
  3. Register the domain name for the portal.
  4. Apply for the registration to Central Licensing Authority in form 18AA through the online portal of Central Govt.

Before setting up your own online drug store site/application or making a vendor account existing on the web drug store entry, you have to set-up a physical drug store as if there should arise an occurrence of a conventional drug store.

You will require a drug specialist at your online drug store for getting and preparing a solution transferred by the patient or his overseer. Disconnected Pharmacy set-up is obligatory for selling medication online with complete records and methods.

Here we investigate reports and necessities for beginning Offline Store First and afterwards sell medication on the web.

Licenses required

  • Retail drug license
  • GST number

Retail drug license:

Retail drug permit is given by the District Drug Control Officer who gives the drug permit according to rules given by the State Drug Control Officer. You have to visit the local drug control office to apply for a retail drug permit number. The technique for applying for a retail drug permit might be on the web or disconnected according to state strategy, you will apply.

Prerequisite and reports for setting up Online Pharmacy:

  • Area required: Minimum of 100 square feet
  • Registered Pharmacist: All related reports copy will be joined alongside Drug License application structure
  • Rent arrangement or possession evidence of premises
  • Blue print of premises (3 duplicates)
  • Address Proof of Premises
  • Refrigerator and Air restrictive Purchase Bill

Goods and Service Tax Number (GST):

GST is required for firms having yearly turnover over 40 lac however if there should arise an occurrence of online deal GST might be obligatory for all organizations/people having any measure of yearly turnover. Peruse total insight regarding applying for Goods and Service Tax Identification Number here.

In the wake of taking retail drug permits and GST numbers, you have to set-up an online presence. Online presence could be set-up by either assembling own internet business drug store site/application or making a merchant account at effectively present online drug store sites/applications.

Finishing above advance, you can begin selling medications and medications on the web.

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