Legal Procedures For Setting Up An Online Pharmacy

Lately, people are shifting towards Online Pharmacies as they are most convenient method of buying medicines. Through online pharmacies customers can procure even rare medicines with utmost ease and privacy. Loads of online pharmacies have become prevalent in India but they too need to abide by certain legal procedures before being functional.

Setting Up An Online Pharmacy

Any person can set up an online drugstore only if he is registered with a licensed traditional drugstore or if it has partnered with a licensed dealer to execute the online orders.

Green Zone 

According to the Indian laws, the following practices are legal for online pharmacies:

  • Except over-the-counter drugs, all other drugs require a prescription.
  • The contact details of an online drugstore must be of the state from which they have procured the drug license.
  • The licensed drugstore has to verify and certify the delivered drugs.

Grey Zone

These practices are uncertain as per the Indian law.

  • Shipping of medicines from one state to another.
  • The provision of taking the money prior to delivery of medicine.

Red Zone

These practices are illegal as per Indian Laws:

  • Selling Schedule H and Schedule X medicines without prescription.
  • Selling medicines to minors.
  • Selling medicines that are not approved by State Drug Control Organization.
  • Exporting medicines without approval from the drug department of the respective country.

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Though traditional pharmacies cater to the medicinal needs of the major population of India but still there is a need for online pharmacies that fit into the Indian Legal system because the online pharmacies create an advantageous situation for both consumers as well as pharmacists.

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